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About Ministries Resource Center (MRC)

Ministries Resource Center Inc., officially began in 1989 as a result of Jerry and Alita's desire (see below) to create a place for people in the ministry to get away from the stresses of church. Out of Jerry and Alita's personal experiences was born the need to provide refuge and marital healing for Pastor's and their families. MRC (Mercy) is a nondenominational, nonprofit organization governed by a five-member board.  To honor Alita and Jerry's vision of MRC, their children have taken up the mantle and will continue MRC to the best of their abilities.

Reverend Gerald "Jerry" Robertson was a pastor for over 40 years.  He was "Promoted to Glory" after battling pancreatic cancer in August of 2014. Jerry was an avid fisherman, loved playing board games and writing.  Jerry's passion in life was to teach and preach about God's grace and salvation through Jesus Christ.


Alita Robertson earned her Masters degree in counseling from the UW-Platteville.  She "Passed into the arms of Jesus" in February 2015.  Alita was a talented artist and musician.  She had a talent for seeing the big picture and reveled in taking on large projects.  Alita was the driving force behind the creation of Ministries Resource Center.

Mark (and Millie) Robertson

Mark is the youngest of Jerry and Alita's four children and is currently serving as the "Acting Executive Director".  Mark grew up hiking the hills of MRC and fishing in the nearby rivers.  He is also employed by Homeward Bound Inc., and serves as the Assistant Director of Training.  Homeward Bound is a residential facility serving people with disabilities.

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